Google in-page analytics – site overlay for the masses

“Wouldn’t it be great if I had access to a visual overlay tool so that I can see how users are interacting on my webpages?” Fortunately Google have come to the rescue with the beta release of a feature called In-Page Analytics – and its FREE!

Trying to identify what your users are doing on a webpage is a common task for the majority of the website managers out there. We normally turn to the content reports in Google Analytics or other analytics packages but these reports always leave something to be desired – they are visually dry and the data is very hard to understand in the context of your website.

Google Analytics In-Page Analytics feature allows you to look at this data in context, by overlaying your analytics data on any page of your website.

Google In-Page Analytics screenshot

Clicking on the feature in Google Analytics (you’ll find the In-Page Analytics report in the Content section in your account), will cause an overlay to appear on your website, with bubbles displaying the percentages & number of clicks for every link on the webpage you are looking at.

There are a few things that need to be addressed with the feature, like it not being able to distinguish between two links that are the same on a webpage, but seeing that it is still in beta I can forgive Google that! Overall I can say that this is a good first attempt at an in-page analytics tool – the “% clicks below” bar is helpful in letting you see how many clicks occur below the current view you are seeing, which is also useful.

All in all a great addition to the Google Analytics feature set.

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