Creative twitter campaigns this Christmas

Companies are using the power of social media in new ways to promote themselves this Christmas, and here are some examples that we thought were great fun!

Orange weekly bits of fun is probably one of our favourite examples of creative twittering! Every week Orange creates a new application that encourages social activity which any user can interact with.

This week they released the Santa Stand In which allows users to create a “silly picture” of themselves dressed as Santa. They can share the Santa photo with their network, tweet it, download it, like it and use it as their avatar.

W+K London have created this interactive online application Tweets of Snow that uses twitter to create snow in real life. When anyone tweets something with the word “snow” in it, the message will be transformed into a snowflake for their city model.

Ico who has created a twitter driven application TweetFlakes which finds all the twitters that mention the word ‘xmas’ and generates these lovely snowflakes.

Host Sidney have created the Merry Twitter Tree, a Christmas tree that lights up whenever someone tweets ‘Merry Christmas’.

It’s clear that people like the idea sharing something with the benefit of an instant result. These applications give users the satisfaction to see what effect their messages have in the virtual or real world. Their actions have a reaction and it would be very interesting to see how this idea could be used in other contexts and to help benefit a bigger cause maybe.

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