Are independent hotels using pay-per-click advertising?

40% of the 156 hotels tested for our Independent Hotel eCommerce Report did not appear on the first page of Google when we searched for their keywords. For example, if the hotel described itself as a luxury golf resort and it was in Wales, we searched for ‘luxury golf resorts in Wales’.

We then looked to see whether these hotels were using pay-per-click advertising to reach potential guests using Google. We discovered that:

  • Only 18 of the 62 hotels that did not appear on page one of Google search results for their keywords were using pay-per-click advertising
  • 16 hotels that appeared top of the search results naturally for their keywords were also using pay-per-click advertising

In total, only 33% of the hotels were using paid search:

This surprised us because for some hotels, pay-per-click advertising is delivering a lot of their search engine traffic. This hotel, for example, has days where all of their search traffic is coming from paid ads and most days a third to half of traffic is paid:

If you’d like to know more about MICROS and our search engine marketing services for hotels then please contact us on 020 7813 4434.

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