Five examples of brands combining magazine advertising with web and mobile

I picked up a copy of Stylist magazine on my way home yesterday and noticed that many brands were running adverts that encouraged readers to respond via mobile or web. The average London worker spends 277 hours a year commuting and this is valuable time for the marketers to target.

Out of 29 full page adverts, 8 had either an aurasm or a QR code on the page.

1. Dr Martens

The first advert I came across was for Dr. Martens:

The advert included a QR code and a hashtag so I could follow the campaign on Twitter. I scanned the QR code and was taken directly to the Dr. Martens website.

I was a little disappointed that the website was not mobile optimised as this made looking around the site more difficult whilst standing on the train.

2. Fame

The next integrated advert in the magazine was for Lady Gaga’s new scent – Fame. The provocative advert also had a QR code but this time I was directed to the Haus Laboratories Facebook page (the fragrance institution responsible for researching the new scent).

3. L’Oreal

L’Oreal also included a QR code in their advert, which led me to their website. The website included a hair tutorial video presented by Cherry Healy providing hair tips from experts.

4. Blackberry

Blackberry used Blippar to bring their advert to life with a short demonstration of the new features of the Blackberry Z10.

5. Toni&Guy/Boots

Toni&Guy and Boots teamed up together to promote the new hair care range in store. They also used Blippar which gave the reader three options to; watch a tutorial to get the models look, find out more about the product or buy the product straight from the mobile optimised Boots website.

This was my favourite integrated advert as it only took three taps from seeing the advert to the shopping cart.

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